A disclaimer on my previous post

Today was my first TRT day of the year. Today I feel absolutely amazing, it was so good to get back to work in the job I love.

I just wanted to post this quick disclaimer, simply to say that while I stand by everything I posted yesterday, I think I need to clarify that the last time I worked was at the start of December and the monotony of “holidays” has really been getting to me emotionally, making a massive impact on my mental health. I genuinely love working as a relief teacher and it has amazing benefits, allowing me to experience a completely diverse world of teaching. However, the long period of time off, and the feelings of social and professional exclusion that occur when you are not directly involved in your workforce, looking in from the outside, is enough to lead anyone to question how much they really enjoy their job.

Today I got to be a teacher. I was fondly greeted by many students in both the classroom and the yard. I was warmly welcomed back to school by my colleagues, and to make things even better, I was offered a weekly fixed day, backfilling in a classroom with one of my closest personal friends at the school (someone I went to Uni with and with whom I’ve have always had a great relationship). I am not totally sure if this is just karmic coincidence, considering how useless I felt yesterday.

Anyway, I just wanted to justify what I said yesterday and the conditions under which I said them, as well as to reiterate that I am truly grateful for the work I have.

Warmest of regards,


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