An update about updates

Absence makes the heart grow fonder,

At least that is what I am telling myself when I look back at just how poor my blog-updating skills are. I am trying in earnest to update more regularly, but I am finding it a real challenge, especially as I want my updates to be relevant, relatable and useful to others. I have made a list of a whole host of things I would like to write about, and then I get distracted by my personal blog, or by my Twitter account, my Pinterest (which I am trying to sort at the moment), reading a book, Netflix, planning for school… you name it, I have probably been distracted by it. As the summer holidays draw closer, I keep telling myself I will finally have some more time to knuckle down and churn out a few posts. But who am I kidding, pre-Christmas I have interstate visitors coming to stay, my two moonlight jobs, the necessary festive celebrations, and I am even taking up scuba diving. There really is no rest for the wicked.

So, I am going to commit to writing as much as is possible for me. I am hoping to publish something THIS WEEK (you heard it here folks) about my first year of teaching, a retrospective look at being a graduate navigating the waters of being a casual teacher, and the feelings that come along with it. I have already started writing this post. It is in the pipeline, just waiting to come out the other end as cathartic waste! I have a couple of other projects for this blog that I would really like to get off the ground, and one day I might even get around to blogging about some of my ACTUAL real-life teaching successes (and failures for that matter). Ha!

Until then, I once again say those frustratingly ambiguous words: Watch this space!



Disclaimer: This is my new sign off signature I will use for the time-being. I mean, as someone who teaches handwriting, it is all wrong, but for sake of my blog looking cool (and hopefully consistent) it stays! 

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