Applying for DECD Jobs and the ETR – the secret document that is impossible to find!

Low and behold,

I spent days (okay maybe a slight exaggeration) trawling through DECD documents trying to find information on the elusive personal statement, and specifically something that defined the difference between a personal statement for the ETR, a personal statement for specific job applications, and how they differ from a philosophy statement, and finally I have found the pièce de résistance!

Okay, so I already knew what a philosophy statement was, uni gave me that much at least. You can see mine over at my teaching portfolio. Three to four hundred words essentially summarising your most profound and personal view of teaching. Whose theories inspire you? What monolithic discovery about education have you made in the deepest throws of your psyche? Why do you do what you do?

But the DECD personal statement is NOT that. “But then what is it?” I hear you ask. It is outlined for you very easily and concisely in this excellent, yet impossible-to-find document:


And where did I find? Look no further…

Screenshot 2015-07-26 15.07.14

You can find this nifty document located in the convenient spot of that little tiny “click here for help” link located INSIDE the ETR application where you will most definitely find it quickly and easily, without wasting you valuable time scouring a government website in the quest to locate it. It is like they actually WANT you to be really successful as a fledgling graduate teacher when they decided on this layout for their site. If you search the DECD site for ‘personal statement’ you will NOT find this document, so don’t bother with that outdated function.

Once you have actually found the document, sarcasm aside, you will find it very useful when you are deciphering how to structure your personal statement for both the ETR application and for specific advertised positions (note: yes there is a difference!). So, if you are applying for jobs I hope this gives you a little bit of help along the way.

That is enough comedy for today! Onwards to actually applying for jobs, hurrah!


Miss Smart x

One thought on “Applying for DECD Jobs and the ETR – the secret document that is impossible to find!

  1. Thanks for that Miss Smart.
    I did find the document in question but it still did not make much sense in how and what I had to include or what it needed to look like ?
    I am familiar with the phylosophy and a job statement but what of the DECD. Would it be possible to see how you have presented your statement.


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