Portfolio Update

My professional portfolio is now officially complete for submission (note: I added ‘for submission’ as this document is intended to continue evolving in future to keep record of my professional practice, knowledge and engagement through all future teaching and learning experiences.)

You can find it here.

Most importantly I would like feedback on my teaching philosophy statement. In approaching the writing of the philosophy I had many reservations. How does one encompass their entire school of beliefs in 300-400 words? How do you summarise your thoughts and feelings towards the acts of teaching and learning which you hold in such high esteem? In particular, balancing theoretical frameworks with personal reflection and insights was the most difficult element of the statement for me, and it is this area that I believe will require further attention in future. However, in the interim, I am pleased with the statement and portfolio overall and will continue to add to it over time, once it has been academically assessed.


Warm regards,

A. Smart: Teacher!

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